It’s Almost Time for Sandals …

Spring means that warmer Summer weather will be just around the corner! For those who like to either go barefoot or wear sandals, these steps are a must!grass

I Do the following things to my feet Daily…

  • I apply a Thermal Exfoliation Mask or Foot Scrub while in the shower (every evening)
  • A moisturizing cream (1) during the day & (2) Deep Over-Night Moisturizing Cream I apply before bed. I also use different Soothing  & Healing Creams or a Foot Balm (for my cracked heels and rough spots on my feed before I apply the deep moisture cream).
  • Wear Socks for Extra Night-time Moisturizing (after I put lotion on them)

About once a week I will soak my feet to help slough off the dry skin before my shower and use a pumice stone while in the shower along with the Exfoliation Mask.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet


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