Repel What BUGS You

If You or Any of your Family Members are Mosquito or Deer Tick Magnets the BUG GUARD Product from AVON is a great product to use so you can continue to enjoy the outdoors. Sportsmen love it too since they are NOT hunted while Hunting or Fishing.


Check out this great game while learning more about the product… (Click on Link below Picture to Start Game)



The products are DEET Free, Dermatologist tested, Hypoallergenic, and offer a variety of protection for Everyone in the Family  while including an SPF for sun protection.There is Even an anti-itch spray should one sneak up on you (although it’s highly unlikely). They even come in Travel and Bonus Sizes. Products Start at just $4.99 so they are affordable.

Whether you enjoy, fishing, hunting, camping, swimming or anything outdoor related this product will protect you ALL DAYagainst the nasty diseases Deer Ticks, Mosquito’s, Biting Flies, etc. carry!

This Handy Chart will help you choose the right product for your family !




The Product Descriptions below are also helpful…





For All Day Protection, BUG Guard Plus EXPEDITION Formulaa 2 -in-1 Protection Bug Repellant & Sunscreen. ItRepels Mosquitoes for 8 hours while providing effective protection against, Sand Flies,No-seeums, & Biting Midges.






All Day Protection that Kids Love is, BUG Guard Plus Disappearing Color Formula — a 2 -in-1 Protection Bug Repellant & Sunscreen. It Repels Mosquitoes for 8 hours while providing the same protection as the Daytime Formula so kids can enjoy an Entire Day of Fun. This is also a great SUNSCREEN & is DEET FREE.

It comes out bold, bright blue out of the bottle but when it is rubbed in, the blue goes away without much effort (and dries clear). The  color vanished but the protection doesn’t. (This comes in white formula if you don’t want to start out like a Smurf).




For Evening & Early Morning Fun without bugs Around the Campfire, etc The BUG Guard Plus with PICARADINwill keep you protected against DEER TICKS, MOSQUITOS & More. You can even APPLY it to your Clothes & Camping Gear. The towelettes are great to keep in your pocket or car too.




Shop NOW for All BUG GUARD Products Available from AVON



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