Tips for Treating and Preventing Acne

Got a Pimple (a.k.a. Acne) or does your skin just keep feeling oily?

It may be due to what you are you are using to cleanse your face or what you are eating. It can also depend on your hormone & stress levels as well as that time of the month (if you are a female). — My skin tends to get more oily during that time and I have to wash my face more.

There are other reasons and factors as well for acne. Below are a some Reasons, Products and Tips to help you keep your skin, Glowing, Blemish-free & Healthy.

This Chart (right) from Camera Press is a Handy Guide to why you may develop acne in certain areas of your face.

Keep Facial Oils In Check
Maintaining your skins oil levels are important when it comes to controlling acne. Using soap and water as well as too much witch hazel or toner can have an opposite affect on your skin giving it more oil. I find that using Alcohol-free products or products that are formulated with .2% Salacytic acid are best as well as keeping skin moisturized, since soap can strip your skin of it’s natural oils. Having a Daily Skincare Routine is what I find most helpful for preventing acne. — (Skincare products I recommend to try are Avon’s Clearskin or Elements, Face Washes – Starting at 4.99!) Each product is formulated for different skin types.  These are also great products for Teenagers who’s hormone levels are bouncing up and down. (see Product Charts Below)

Try to Keep your Stress Level Down
This is easier said than done in most cases. Work, Family, daily life, etc are all stress factors that can weaken your immune system, making it easier for bacteria to build up, this will also trigger the body’s release of cortisone levels, (anti-stress hormone). Stress also leads to weight gain when it continues for a period of time. Take a Few Moments to find Different Ways to Relax. If time allows, take a Relaxing & De-Stressing DETOX BATH.

Watch what you Eat
Items that will Spike your Blood Sugar (processed sugar, fried foods, corn syrup, excess amounts of pasta, & potatoes) have been linked to acne. Try to LIMIT Your Portions and Intake of these foods — Yes, it’s easy to go to them when you are stressed and our body Does crave it. (I find it helpful to EAT More Veggies, Fruit, Smoothies, and Drinking More Water when these cravings hit).

If you already have pimples, it’s recommended NOT to pop them as they may develop scarring as a result. If your skin isn’t clearing up you may want to see a Dermatologist to make sure there isn’t any other underlying problem.

Here is an interesting Chart on How Acne Starts on the skin:


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